Sell your home?

If you want to sell your home, good and clear guidance, expertise and pleasant cooperation with a real estate agent is an essential part. Because a house is in most cases your biggest (material) property, we understand that you want the sales process to run in a professional and smooth way. Wooncoach expertly guides the sales process. We do this by listening carefully to your wishes, looking after your interests and making smart use of our knowledge of the housing market. This makes selling your home a piece of cake!

How does Wooncoach approach this?

Based on our current housing market knowledge and professional view of houses, we provide an objective valuation. Then we choose the right sales strategy together with you to sell your home. Would you like to arrange a number of things yourself, this is possible; together we will determine the best option for your situation.

We make a contemporary sales presentation of your home, present the house on the internet and make optimal use of social media. We do everything we can to sell your home as quickly and as well as possible. If a non-binding viewer becomes an interested buyer, we will also take care of the negotiations.

Once the sale is closed, we will arrange further processing. You can rely on us, from defining the correct purchase agreement to the delivery and transfer.

Contact us

Wooncoach is active in Terneuzen. Our employees are fully aware of the housing market in the region and can therefore provide you with a very focused service. Call 088 - 566 7200 or mail to